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This subscription is a safe spiritual support space that’s designed to empower, guide, and uplift you throughout your awakening journey. 

It’s like having not one, but two spiritual guides who are there to inspire, educate, and journey with you each and every week!

Having two different spiritual guides is unique, valuable, and deeply nurturing/enriching.

With different strengths and areas of expertise, our custom blend of feminine and masculine energy will work together to open Soul-deep doorways of spiritual alchemy in your life!

If you’re feeling lost, isolated, alone, confused, or like you don’t fit in anywhere (even amongst other “spiritual folks”) we welcome you with open arms. 

We know how overwhelming, alienating, and even how downright misleading a lot of modern spirituality can be. It’s our calling to help you find and pave your true path based on your own wild instinctual wisdom.

So, how is our approach unique? We help you through a mixture of:

  • ♡ Down-to-earth spirituality
  • ♡ Compassionate yin + grounded yang energy
  • ♡ Radical embrace of the human and divine elements within

The purpose of Ensoulment is to help you reclaim and reconnect with your wild liberated True Nature and live a life imbued with Soul (both internally and externally).

This is a spiritual path of learning how to both be and become – to learn how to rediscover your True Nature in the eternal Now, while learning how to shape the most authentic Soul-centered life for yourself possible.

What we’re NOT about:

  • 𝗫 fluffy spirituality
  • 𝗫 spiritual bypassing
  • 𝗫 rejecting our humanity

Our purpose is to help you joyfully rediscover and reconnect with your Soul’s Wholeness – not contribute to a sense of suffering, confusion, or lack (there are enough people out there trying to promote that narrative already). 

This isn’t a self-improvement program where we encourage you to keep doing/being/getting “more, more, more.” Instead, Ensoulment is a gentle and self-guided inward spiritual pilgrimage through the forests of your heart, mind, and Soul. 

This is a space to come back home to your True Nature.

This is a space for the mystics-at-heart.

What is Ensoulment (& Soul Loss)?

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Ensoulment is a word that is divided into ‘Ensoul’ which means to endow or imbue with a Soul, and the suffix ‘ment’ which means action or process. 

So Ensoulment quite literally refers to being imbued with Soul AND learning to live within the Soul of the eternal Now (en-soul).

In other words, this is a process of learning to be and become.

The basic premise of Ensoulment is that we’re starved of Soul in our modern life.

We’re living within an epidemic of Soul Loss.

In every area of life, we’re taught to ignore, suppress, and doubt our inner voices in favor of what wider society tells us. Our government, education, and news systems, as well as our entertainment and social outlets, all condition us to live in a fragmented state of fear and ego.

Because of our lack of internal connection to our Souls, our outer lives can feel hectic, monotonous, and dissatisfying. And because of this Soul loss, our inner lives feel empty, lonely, and plagued with all kinds of suffering.

With our disconnection from our inner voice, we lose connection with our innermost values, needs, and dreams. It is then that we “lead lives of quiet desperation” in the words of poet Henry David Thoreau. We become addicts to the next cheap thrill, consumerists draining our wallets to the next burst of dopamine, and slaves of whatever other people want us to be.

Most essentially, we can never seem to shake the feeling that something is fundamentally “not right” about our lives. 

Nothing we do seems to scratch that itch of disappointment, disconnection, and unhappiness inside. It is then that we begin suffering from sicknesses like anxiety, depression, loneliness, obsessive compulsions, addictions, and chronic illnesses of all kinds.

Ensoulment is a journey of radically shifting the way we approach our lives. The central question we seek to answer is how do we live a good life, a life imbued with Soul? 

How do we live a life that both embraces our raw humanity and maintains our connection with the Sacred?

Ensoulment is about learning how to reconnect with, listen to, and center our lives around our Souls again. 

While our minds might be fragmented, our Souls aren’t! There is something within us that is forever and always Whole, and that is the Soul. Ensoulment is about rediscovering and celebrating our innate, unbreakable, indivisible Wholeness.

What is the Soul?

Image of a person's eye who is experiencing soul loss

The soul is never touched; it is immutable, all-pervading, calm, unshakable; its existence is eternal.

– The Bhagavad Gita

We all possess a Soul. On a fundamental level, the Soul is our animating essence – it derives from the Old English word sāwol, which means the “spiritual and emotional part of a person, animate existence” (1). 

Through the ages, thanks to both religious and wider spiritual influence alike, the Soul has been understood as the indwelling spark of Divinity we all carry. 

Therefore, in a nutshell, the Soul is your True Nature; it’s your essence. Soul is the intersection between human and Divine – Soul is Spirit embodied.

And your Soul which is inseparable from Life itself can only ever be found right here, right now.

Reconnecting with our Souls is about embracing our humanity AND divinity – and grounding that into our everyday lives.

Who Are We?

Image of Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol

Our names are Aletheia and Mateo, and we run one of the most widely read spiritual websites on the internet. Each year we receive over 4,000,000+ visits and thousands of emails from lost and desperate spiritual seekers.

As psychological and spiritual guides, we have close to 30 years of combined intensive experience on the awakening journey. We’re also the authors of numerous acclaimed books and journals including, The Spiritual Awakening Process, Shadow Work Journal, Inner Child Journal, and more.

Our goal is to help all souls in pain find clarity, hope, self-love, and authentic spiritual direction. 

What’s Included Every Month

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Each month you’ll get access to the following exclusive offerings:

1. Q&A Forum 

In our Q&A forum, you’ll be able to ask questions and have them directly answered by Mateo and other community members.

2. Private Video – Monthly Ensoulment Circle

In the first week of each month, you’ll have access to our private monthly Ensoulment Circle video hosted by Aletheia. This is a safe, gentle container that will enable you to tune into your Soul’s voice. First, you’ll have space to relax and open through a simple Metta (lovingkindness) or heart-centered meditation in which we reconnect with our hearts. Then, we’ll discover the month’s theme through a card pull and reflect on its deeper meaning through our unique Ensoulment journaling process. There will be space to share your thoughts, feelings, and discoveries in the comments section.

3. Weekly Spiritual Guidance Readings (Tarot/Oracle)

Each week, you’ll have access to a photo/written tarot or oracle reading provided by Aletheia done in a “choose a card” style. These weekly readings contain a series of deep-diving journaling prompts and keywords to reflect upon and are designed to give you support and direction for your spiritual awakening journey. (Want to know Aletheia’s approach to tarot/oracle readings? See the FAQ section below.)

4. Lectio Divina (“Divine Reading”) Monthly Video

Each month, you’ll receive a private video hosted by Mateo based on the ancient tradition of Lectio Divina (or “Divine Reading”) brought into a modern Soul-centered context. A new book each month will be chosen and a specific chapter or passage will be read in a slow and meditative way. Lectio Divina is an active form of contemplation that gives the Soul space to be heard, felt, and listened to: it invokes, evokes, and mirrors our own deepest knowing. If you struggle with traditional meditation, Lectio Divina is a unique way of helping you to quiet the mind, open the heart, and be open to your Soul’s voice.

5. Meditations 

Every month, you’ll receive a new healing and illuminating meditation voiced by Mateo. We sometimes refer to these meditations as “personal pilgrimages” or “inner journeys” as they take you deep into your inner landscape and reconnect you with your Soul.

6. Worksheets/Printables 

Multiple times per month, you’ll receive exclusive, vibrant, and luscious editable worksheets and printable offerings based on the topic of the month and/or other themes related to the Ensoulment journey.

7. Mini Journals 

Once a month, you’ll receive a beautiful, high-quality mini journal based on the topic of the month. You’ll be able to both edit these journals on your phone and print them if you so choose.

8. Soul Shares Group & Private Discussions

Unlike Facebook or other social media platforms, there are no privacy concerns when it comes to our private membership. This means that you can open up, feel safe being seen and heard, and trust that this information is held in a safe space (without the prying eyes of friends or family members!). Within the Ensoulment Den, you have the ability to start conversations with other members and share anything that speaks to your Soul in our Soul Shares Group.

9. Weekly Premium Newsletter 

Each week, you’ll receive a roundup newsletter detailing all the highlights of what we and our Den members have shared the previous week (so you don’t miss out on anything)!

10. Special Discounts

As an Ensoulment Den member, you’ll receive 20% off anything and everything in our lonerwolf shop – this is the highest discount we offer anywhere! And this discount is only offered to our Ensoulment Den members.

By purchasing a subscription, you also support our ongoing hard work in delivering healing and supportive articles, tests, and guides on lonerwolf.com!


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Is this membership suited to me?

The Ensoulment subscription is suited to anyone at any point of the spiritual path – from beginners, all the way to long-term veterans. If you feel alone or lost, value down-to-earth spirituality, and need a safe spiritual support space, this is the place to be. 

Ensoulment is suited to you if you’re interested in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual expansion. However, Ensoulment won’t be suited for you if you’re disinterested in going deep, want to focus on certain peripheral topics (such as twin flame relationships/empaths/old souls – see our books for that), or discuss conspiracy theories, new age ideas, and so on. We’re all about down-to-earth spirituality and the shared human experience, and as such, we’re suited to mystically-oriented human beings who resonate with that approach.

How is the content for this membership delivered?

The content for this membership is delivered via the custom-built membership portal that has been hand-crafted and architected by Mateo Sol. Simply log in and you’ll get access to everything!

Can I purchase a one-month membership only?

We offer a three (quarterly) or twelve-month (yearly) membership subscription to ensure you have the greatest amount of time to absorb and integrate the materials. A one-month membership, unfortunately, doesn’t allow for that.

What if I can’t keep up with the material each week?

That’s totally fine. Everything will be waiting for you! There are no time restrictions or rules here. We encourage you to go at your own pace and honor your inner rhythm. 🙂

What’s your philosophy surrounding tarot/oracle readings?

Here’s Aletheia’s philosophy:

“I don’t approach tarot in a way where I tell you what you should do or predict what will happen. I treat tarot and oracle cards as mirrors of the soul; as invitations to deeply contemplate our lives, choices, and habits. I see tarot and oracle cards as present moment doorways to profound realizations and epiphanies. I deliberately choose to avoid a predictive or prescriptive approach to tarot, meaning that I do not predict the future or read about other people in your life, ever. Full stop. Instead, I have a psychospiritual, mindful, and Soul-centered approach to the cards. I focus on asking questions, not giving interpretations.”

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time by going to your profile, clicking on the membership tab, and adjusting your settings in the ‘subscriptions’ section.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this content, there are no refunds. We want kindred spirits who are totally invested in and ready for their profound spiritual development. If you don’t yet trust us as teachers/guides or trust yourself to learn from us, you can read more of our articles which are freely available on our website (there are hundreds of them), listen to our YouTube recordings, or order any of our books or journals, available on our shop or on Amazon. From there, you can see if your trust grows. Please take a moment to deeply consider your needs before committing to purchasing this subscription. If you have questions before purchasing, please reach out to support.

We’re so excited to see you on the other side, beautiful Soul!