The Ensoulment Den

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Practice the sacred art of Soul Retrieval. Find your Wholeness. 

Soul Retrieval, or what we call Ensoulment, is the path of healing the fragmented psyche, calling in our lost inner parts, and rooting ourselves within the Soul.

This subscription is for those who:

  • Feel chronic fear
  • Have “stuck” and unresolved inner wounds
  • Are haunted by a sense of emptiness and unworthiness
  • Sense that something is “missing” from life or “broken” inside
  • Are struggling to navigate the Spiritual Awakening journey / Dark Night of the Soul
  • Feel like outsiders, lone wolves, or rejects wherever they go
  • Value a down-to-earth Soul-centered approach to spirituality
  • Need practical heartfelt resources to help them grow and heal 
  • Feel called to commit to deep spiritual healing, growth, and transformation
  • Want the support of two compassionate and experienced Spiritual Guides

What Do You Get?

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You’ll get private access to the following:

1. Meditations (monthly)

Every month, you’ll receive one new healing and illuminating meditation voiced by Mateo. (You also get to vote on what meditation you want!) These meditations are soothing, healing, and heart-expanding ways of reconnecting with the wisdom, truth, and love of your Soul. 

2. Psychoshamanic Spiritual Journeys (COMING SOON!)

Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to enter into an inner voyage through the power of active imagination or psychoshamanic spiritual journeying. You’ll be taken into the underworld of your unconscious mind, middle world of the ego, or upperworld of the higher Self and encounter inner demons and allies. Each Soul Retrieval journey is different and will take you deep into your inner landscape for the purposes of healing and integration.

3. Classes (NEW!)

Deepen your Ensoulment journey through a series of ongoing “microlearning” video classes hosted by Aletheia. One new class will be released per month. More details coming soon!

4. Soul Guidance Readings (weekly)

Every week, you’ll have access to a photo/written tarot or oracle reading provided by Aletheia done in a “choose a card” style. These readings contain a series of therapeutic journaling prompts and keywords to reflect upon and are designed to give you support and direction for your spiritual awakening journey. (Want to know Aletheia’s approach to tarot/oracle readings? See the FAQ section below.)

5. Soul Card & Soul Allies (monthly)

Once a month, you’ll discover the theme of the month through an intuitively chosen Soul Card. The Soul Card will reveal the theme or lesson our collective Soul Group here in the Ensoulment Den is invited to focus on for that month. You’ll also learn who your personal Soul Ally is each month (it could be a particular spirit animal, plant ally, spirit guide, etc.). A deep-dive Workbook will be included each month.

6. Mini Journal (monthly)

Every month, you’ll get access to a stunning high-quality editable/printable Mini Journal based on the theme of the month or a specific Ensoulment topic. You can work through the editable Journal on your phone, tablet, or computer, or print it out if you prefer!

7. Soul Shares Group / Q&A 

Feel safe knowing that you’re in a space full of kindred Souls in our totally private (non-Facebook!) Soul Shares group. Post anything on your heart or mind, connect with others, and ask questions whenever you need or want to! Receive direct feedback and guidance that you can integrate into your life. 

8. Weekly Private Newsletter

Each week, you’ll receive a roundup newsletter detailing all the highlights of what we and our Den members have shared the previous week (so you don’t miss out on anything)!

9. Special Discounts

As a member of the Ensoulment Den, you’ll receive 20% off anything and everything in our lonerwolf shop – this is the highest discount we offer anywhere! And this discount is only offered to our Ensoulment Den members.

10. Worksheets / Printables (Bonus!)

Each month you’ll receive one new gorgeous and Soul-centric worksheet, workbook, or printable to add to your journal, planner, or spiritual toolkit!

By purchasing a subscription, you also support our ongoing mission and work on!

Why Join The Ensoulment Den?

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  • Focus your energy and go deep 
  • Release old patterns of shame, self-abandonment, and toxicity
  • Activate your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Dissolve blockages and old wounds
  • Rediscover your innate Wholeness
  • Feel actively supported by compassionate and experienced guides
  • Connect with kindred Souls who can provide helpful feedback
  • Kindle a deeper long-term relationship with your Soul
  • Integrate fragmented parts and discover more joy, freedom, and vitality

Note: the level of transformation and benefit you gain from this subscription is based on how open you are to showing up, committing, and doing the work. We’re simply the facilitators and guides of this sacred process. ♡

What is Soul Retrieval and Ensoulment?

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The soul is never touched; it is immutable, all-pervading, calm, unshakable; its existence is eternal.

– The Bhagavad Gita

Soul retrieval means retrieving access to your Soul. This process is a lifestyle rather than a one-off practice, which is why we refer to it as a journey of Ensoulment.

Ensoulment is the ability to live from your Soul and a place of wholeness and it involves the lifelong cultivation of heart-centered awareness, deep listening, introspection, self-exploration, and compassion.

We lose touch with our Souls (also known as Soul Loss) due to various traumatic experiences in life. 

Symptoms of Soul Loss include feeling:

  • Lost or incomplete
  • Insecure about your self-worth
  • Meaningless or like you don’t have a strong purpose
  • Chronically anxious or depressed
  • Numb or empty
  • Lonely and dissatisfied 
  • Chronically fatigued or unmotivated 
  • Addicted to toxic thought patterns or behaviors  
  • Disconnection from other people and life

… and the list goes on.

Soul Retrieval and the path/practice of Ensoulment are about reconnecting with and living from your Soul again.

While our minds might be fragmented, our Souls aren’t! There is something within us that is forever and always Whole, and that is the Soul. 

Ensoulment is about rediscovering our innate, unbreakable, indivisible Wholeness.

Who Are We?

Image of Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol

Our names are Aletheia and Mateo, and we run one of the most widely read + visited spiritual websites on the internet. Each year we receive over 4,000,000+ visits and thousands of emails from lost and desperate spiritual seekers.

As psychological and spiritual guides, we have close to 30 years of combined intensive experience on the awakening journey. We’re also the authors of numerous acclaimed books and journals including, The Spiritual Awakening Process, Shadow Work Journal, Inner Child Journal, and more.

Our goal is to help all souls in pain find clarity, hope, self-love, and authentic spiritual direction. 

We offer a unique balance of yin/yang or Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy, and we work together to bring both a psychological and spiritual approach to Ensoulment.


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Is this membership suited to me?

The Ensoulment subscription is suited to anyone at any point of the spiritual path – from beginners, all the way to long-term veterans. If you feel alone or lost, want to begin your Soul Retrieval journey, and need compassionate and grounded guidance, this is the place to be. 

Ensoulment is suited to you if you’re interested in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual expansion. However, Ensoulment won’t be suited for you if you’re not ready to go deep, want to focus on certain peripheral topics (such as twin flame relationships/empaths/old souls – see our books for that), or discuss conspiracy theories, new age ideas, and so on.

We’re all about down-to-earth spirituality and the shared human experience, and as such, we’re suited to mystically-oriented human beings who resonate with that approach.

What is your approach to Soul Retrieval (Ensoulment)?

We approach Soul Retrieval and the journey of Ensoulment through a psychospiritual (psychological and spiritual) lens instead of a supernatural lens. This means that we focus on practices that facilitate self-reflection, inner journeying, and self-compassion rather than centering around supernatural ideas (spirit possession or attachment, curse and hex removal, etc.). We deliberately approach Soul Retrieval from an empowered psychospiritual lens rather than a supernatural lens which can often lead to feelings of terror, hopelessness, and powerlessness. We believe in promoting self-sovereignty, self-responsibility, and a down-to-earth approach to spirituality that is centered in the heart and Soul.

Will Ensoulment fix all of my problems?

While we make no guarantees that this membership will fix all of your problems (you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who could do that – and be cautious if they claim to!), this space can certainly help many of your problems to soften or dissolve. Again, the level of transformation and benefit you gain from this subscription is based on how open you are to showing up, committing, and doing the work. We’re simply the facilitators and guides of this sacred process.

How is the content for this membership delivered?

The content for this membership is delivered via the custom-built membership portal that has been hand-crafted and architected by Mateo Sol. Simply log in and you’ll get access to everything!

Can I purchase a one-month membership only?

We offer a three (quarterly) or twelve-month (yearly) membership subscription to ensure you have the greatest amount of time to absorb and integrate the materials. A one-month membership, unfortunately, doesn’t allow for that.

What if I can’t keep up with the material each week?

That’s totally fine. Everything will be waiting for you! There are no time restrictions or rules here. We encourage you to go at your own pace and honor your inner rhythm. 🙂

What’s your philosophy surrounding tarot/oracle readings?

Here’s Aletheia’s philosophy:

“I don’t approach tarot in a way where I tell you what you should do or predict what will happen. I treat tarot and oracle cards as mirrors of the soul; as invitations to deeply contemplate our lives, choices, and habits. I see tarot and oracle cards as present moment doorways to profound realizations and epiphanies. I deliberately choose to avoid a predictive or prescriptive approach to tarot, meaning that I do not predict the future or read about other people in your life, ever. Full stop. Instead, I have a psychospiritual, mindful, and Soul-centered approach to the cards. I focus on asking questions, not giving interpretations.”

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes – you can cancel your subscription at any time by going to your profile, clicking on the membership tab, and adjusting your settings in the ‘subscriptions’ section.

What is the refund policy?

We deal with refunds on a case-by-case basis. However, due to the digital nature of this content, we have a general “no refunds” policy. We want kindred spirits who are totally invested in and ready for their profound spiritual development. If you don’t yet trust us as teachers/guides or trust yourself to learn from us, you can read more of our articles which are freely available on our website (there are hundreds of them), listen to our YouTube recordings, or order any of our books or journals, available on our shop or on Amazon. From there, you can see if your trust grows. Please take a moment to deeply consider your needs before committing to purchasing this subscription. If you have questions before purchasing, please reach out to support.

Love From Our Members

ensoulment review karin
K. Gandalovic, Ph.D. Cologne, Germany

I feel that the Ensoulment Den gives me so much support on my way to connecting back with my soul. It’s like someone has been before where I find myself now and this makes it a very safe place to be for me. As an introvert I also feel at home in this community where I can go and take things in at my own pace. I am grateful to be connected to like minded souls and for the gentle guidance along the way from Luna & Sol.

ensoulment review farah
London, UK

There is so much I appreciate about the experience of Ensoulment. Firstly I am grateful that Mateo and Aletheia approach spirituality from a down to earth and humble manner. This helps me stay grounded and present to what is. I am also grateful for the shared space with other Souls walking the path and being able to share and uncover deeper layers of my being. Learning how to stay embodied and living life from a place of Soul is a work in progress and our two guides have a consistent, clear and kind approach to pointing the Way back to oneself, to one’s own Soul.

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Connecticut, USA

The spiritual journey is a lonely one and Ensoulment provides a Forum where I can share experiences, ask questions and generally receive support and encouragement from others and provide the same for my fellow travelers. Aletheia and Mateo are incredibly wise and I can’t thank them enough for being the people that they are.

DSCN8137 62d0883bbe57e16c44ece2078b028235
Washington, USA

Ensoulment has been a place to connect with others who are learning to navigate and understand the journey of spirituality. It is a place to hear people’s stories, struggles, and accomplishments as well as what touches their hearts. It makes the journey so much more enjoyable when you have someone to share it with. I feel supported by the community and the Ensoulment Media and Library centers are a great source of helpful information and exercises on various topics. I would recommend joining the Ensoulment community for those interested in a down-to-earth approach to Spirituality.

yuko review es

Their site “LonerWolf” helped me survive, so I joined Ensoulment Den instantly. I’m very glad to find a safe place that resonates with me.

Solution ec51559d0f29c9d39b14555ab6454043

Ensoulment is a space that feels safe and warm. The people on it are very open and welcoming. Aletheia & Mateo put great meditations and worksheets online. It really makes me feel less alone in my search and helps me to take things slowly. I don’t have to rush into ‘knowing it all’. Because in the end, can we know it ‘all’?

629ea1835ccd1 bpthumb
Florida, USA

The passionate and honest words in the articles, journals, shares, and questions from the community as a whole, have really helped me to feel like I’m part of a tribe. A tribe of like-minded souls supporting and respecting each other, as well as having the freedom to express themselves authentically and safely. I am truly grateful to Aletheia & Mateo for giving us the opportunity to heal and grow, and I’m truly honored to be part of such a beautiful community of loving souls it’s so soul-fulfilling connecting with you all ❤️

The depth of seeing into souls of others and allowing myself to show the true me have resulted from joining this awe inspiring community. Aletheia and Mateo show much ancient wisdom, kindness and gentle guidance to explore our own inner wisdom and life purpose. When I used to receive the weekly guidance before, the word of the week always resonated with what I was struggling with then. The Ensoulment topics take this to another level, supporting me to dig deeper, heal, talk to others to help them heal … by example, by guidance I’ve learned from these ancient wise ones in this community.

– Omera, Reading (UK)

629e2c44119c8 bpfull

I have really enjoyed being part of the ensoulment community. It is so lovely to see people from all over the world coming together online to share their hearts and souls. It takes courage to forge new paths, one small step at a time. We journey together exploring horizons we never thought were possible and discovering places in the depths of who we are.

dog watch b055114799ce08bc3ba8dec0c9d2e8ff

Best friends, the work of all of you is admirable and an example for all mankind. What a different place the world would be if all of us humans were able to try to understand our inner world.

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Practice the sacred art of Soul Retrieval. Find your Wholeness. Begin your journey of Ensoulment: