Our Core Principles

Our vision for Ensoulment is:

to provide a space for soul seekers and mystics to find a connection back to their Souls.

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Core Principles

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Principles are sacred and powerful guiding codes of behavior. The following principles are the driving force behind Ensoulment and our work here:

  1. There is a force greater than the ego and outside the Soul

We believe in a force greater than our egos, that is outside the domain of the individual Soul, that is both within and greater than us (also known as God/Divine/Source). 

  1. We work in service of Collective healing

We believe that our self-healing and ensoulment are in service of Collective healing and evolution. The actions of one can impact the well-being of the many.

  1. Finding our dharma is crucial

We believe that finding our place in this world (our dharma) is integral to a life well-lived.

  1. Ensoulment is a philosophy, not a religion

Ensoulment is a philosophy and practice, not a religion – it honors all paths and religions. 

  1. Science doesn’t answer everything

We believe that science is valuable and is a triumph of humanity – but it is limited and doesn’t have all the answers.

  1. Humanity is inseparable from nature

We believe that humanity is not above, below, or separate from nature, but is an integral part of it – as such, we are all connected.

  1. The heart is a gateway

We believe that our hearts are the doorways to our Souls. Whenever we struggle to tune into our Souls, reconnecting with our hearts is the first and most essential practice.

  1. The Soul is creative

We believe that the Soul is inherently symbolic, creative, and expressive – it both values and expresses itself through poetry, art, beauty, and imagination.

  1. The Soul has its own needs

We believe that the Soul craves gentleness, slowness, and simplicity – these needs are often at odds with the ego-self that likes fastness and complexity.

  1. The Soul is our source of wisdom

We believe that the Soul is wise, discerning, and the wellspring of our intuition.

  1. The Soul is integrated

We believe that the Soul is an integration of opposites: it is both transcendent and immanent, yin and yang, human and divine, and so on. As such, it is nondual in nature – in other words, Oneness is at its core.

  1. The Soul is Whole

We believe that the Soul is innately Whole, indivisible, and unbreakable.


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