Ensoulment & Soul Loss

Image of a person holding a globe that represents ensoulment

The great malady of the twentieth century, implicated in all our troubles and affecting us individually and socially, is “loss of soul.” When the soul is neglected, it doesn’t just go away; it appears symptomatically in obsessions, addictions, violence, and loss of meaning.

– Thomas Moore

What is at the root of all our suffering?

This is a question that has haunted the minds of humanity since the dawn of time.

What we’ve learned from religion and spiritual traditions alike is that the core of our torment is rooted deep within human beings.

It is a canker of the heart. A fragmentation of the psyche. A disturbance of the mind. A severance from nature. A desecration of the very world around us.

All of this pain is rooted within the loss of Soul.

When we’re cut off from the Soul, we are cut off from each other and the world. It is then that we collapse into a state of fundamentalism, cold rationalism, and mechanistic reductionism that sees the world/others as an object to be used and discarded.

When we are severed from the Soul, the human being becomes deranged.

Illnesses of every kind begin to emerge, starting within the body as chronic illnesses and eating disorders – ending with mental illnesses, existential crises, paranoia, hatred, suicide, murder, and the psychotic abuse of our most innocent members of society.

For humanity to heal, we must reconnect with the Soul. We must become Ensouled.

For us to reverse, in whatever way possible, the direct path of self-destruction we’re forging right now, we must be initiated into the spiritual path. We must walk the path of the embodied Mystic or the Bodhisattva

Ensoulment is the answer to the most severe pandemic of all time, afflicting all people of all races and countries: Soul Loss. 

The simple fact is that humanity has lost its Soul and without a move toward Ensoulment – in whatever form that takes – what hope is there for our children’s children to survive in a world that is being laid to waste as we speak?

What Happens When We Become Ensouled?

Image of an ensouled human being standing with arms wide up at sunset

Ensoulment can be sensed in those who live from a place of Loving Presence that centers not just around their needs, but the needs of the collective. 

To summarize, here’s what we’ve observed in Ensouled humans:

  • Receptivity, humility, and openness
  • Heartfulness (awe, reference, wonder, enchantment, devotion, compassion)
  • Having a strong sense of meaning and purpose
  • Knowing and honing one’s unique spiritual gifts
  • Intimacy with the present moment
  • Greater ability to let go and surrender to a Higher Power
  • Feeling connected with other people, the world, and Life itself
  • Honoring the power of creativity
  • Orienting to the mysterious, the numinous, and the magic within/without us
  • Embracing the Divine as both a transcendent and immanent force
  • Moving toward internal integration and balance (Wholeness)
  • Greater ability to experience inner peace and freedom

To crystallize what’s written above, Ensouled people live with a great sense of meaning and purpose, are connected to their deepest Essence, and feel a strong connection with the Divine.

Ensoulment isn’t something we “achieve,” “gain” or “tick off our to-do list” in the logical linear sense.

Instead, Ensoulment is about learning how to lose or dissolve blockages within you that obscure your Inner Light and reconnect with the Loving Presence within.

The path of Ensoulment is a slow and ambling journey that ebbs and flows. It’s a movement of nature: organic but powerful. And there is no one single “finish line” – Ensoulment is an ever-deepening process. 

It could be said that Ensoulment is like a thousand-petaled lotus that is both being and becoming, at all times.

By becoming more imbued with Soul, we discover something simple yet powerful, and that is that:

Love is the nature of the soul.

– John O’Donohue

Loving Presence is who we are at our Core. In other words, we are the vast primordial energy of Life itself living out in a unique physical form.

We are both human and Divine.

You can learn more about Ensoulment here!

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